I was born in October 2013. After growing to just over 4 lbs. and 10 weeks old, my Mom brought me home. It was a glorious day! I knew I had her wrapped around my paw from the moment we met. My Mom picked me up, gave me a huge smile and told me how beautiful I was. I gave her a kiss, she cried, and the rest is history! She’s not only my Mom, she’s my best friend!



I was born in February 2022. Owen’s pug mom is my great-great aunt, so when I say Owen and I are related, we really are! I’m not sure if Owen was looking for a brother, but here I am. Owen and I became instant friends. I love my brother and he loves me. I’m learning some great things from Owen and I’m showing him some fun puppy stuff! Our Mom loves us, and she makes sure we know. I’m a big fan of pug snuggles and kisses! I’m starting my basic training and have already mastered “sit,” “down,” “take a bow,” and “saying prayers.”

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